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Anti-aging Light Therapy Beauty Face Screen

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IMPROVE SKIN: Activate cells, reproduce collagen, restore skin elasticity. In the meantime promote blood circulation. Break the splash and spot, dilute acne spot, inhibit melanin. Repair damaged cells, shrink pores, tighten skin and bleach. After using it for a month, you will notice that your skin has changed a lot

3 DIFFERENT LED: 3 different functions of the LED. Blue LED, fast and effective to limit acne inflammation, break the environment of acne, at the same time smooth skin, balance fat in the elimination of dermatitis. Red LED, stimulates cell activity, improves secretion and renewal of dermal collagen protein. Yellow LEDs, add energy to the skin cells, adapt to the glandular function of the skin and aid digestion

LED: With optical LED, comfortable warm LED treatment, safe and effective. Alternative red, blue, yellow LED to care for the facial skin, automatically changes the color every 5 minutes. Red LED, blue LED and yellow LED of various beauty functions. Use natural LED waves that are transmitted through the LED into the skin, activate skin cells, beautify your skin tone

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you the best solution. Suitable for work and family. This mask is suitable for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts for friends. Enjoy your skin spa at home! Our products offer you the best customer experience

EASY TO USE: Can connect with your smartphones (Android & IOS), Ipad with two USB cables and offers you anytime use. Nanotechnology LED film, evenly shines on face skin, touch color change, convenient to change colors.

Item Type:LED Mask
Output:5V 1A
Battery capacity:150mA
Charging Time:1 Hour

Product Include:
1*LED Mask

1. 3-in-1 LED mask, just use for 10-20 mins before sleep.
2. LED photon therapy, comfortable warm light treatment.
3. The mask is healthy to skin, the frame structure allows you wear it stably and comfortably.
4. Better results if you use with face care liquid, lotion or cream,
5. Speed collagen renewal to make skin whiter, tender.
6. Shrink pores, improve skin tone, increase skin elasticity.
7. Dilute freckle, redness, remove acne, inhabit bacterial.
8. Promote blood circulation, lock in moisture.
9. Ideal beauty tool at home, in the office, on travel etc.

1. Red Light: 620~750nm.increase skin elasticity and improve metabolism.
2. Blue Light: 470~495nm.inhibits oil secretion, prevents acne and diminishes scars.
3. Yellow Light:590~620nm.Repairs dull skin and delicate skin.

How to Use:
1. Clean your face.
2. Apply a mask.
3. Wear the LED mask, and choose the color you want.
4. Finish.(15-20mins)

1. Turn on the power after connecting all the connections.
2. Electric circuit inside the device should not be pressed or folded, and it should be placed flat to be properly protected after the use.
3. Please be careful that heavy things are not placed over it.

Every day use, 15mins/time. Recommend use with mask/essence.

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