Ovala Hamam Mitt
Ovala Hamam Mitt
Ovala Hamam Mitt
Ovala Hamam Mitt
Ovala Hamam Mitt
Ovala Hamam Mitt
Ovala Hamam Mitt

Ovala Hamam Mitt

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Ovala Hamam Exfoliating Mitt is a nice GIFT!!!

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Ovala Hamam Mitt (KESE) is the name for the traditional way of exfoliating massage with a Kese mitt. This glove is coarse and with a nice soap, you will knead your body, soaping it up and exfoliating all the dead skin from your body. It is a perfect way to relax and feel reborn again.

Ovala Hamam Mitt is made of granular tissue indispensable for a deep skin scrub for purification and blood circulation activation. Ovala Hamam Mitt is used in Turkish hamam baths with the black soap and after its use, the feeling of well-being is dazzling.

It is also important to remove the dead skin cells from your face on a regular basis. Using an exfoliating Ovala Hamam Mitt for face will help make this possible. This is truly the most effective way to clean the face, while removing dirt from your facial pores

Exfoliate only once or twice each week. Using your exfoliating Ovala Hamam Mitt (KESE) more often or applying too much pressure during exfoliation may cause significant skin irritation and worsen acne and other skin conditions, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

How To Use  Ovala Hamam Mitt for your body
1.Choose an ideal exfoliating Ovala Hamam Mitt that is rougher compared to the       one you use on your face. ...
2. Take a 20 minute warm bath or shower. Longer and Hotter the shower is better.
3. Wet your glove with water before applying soap or a shower gel.
4. Gently press down on your skin as you massage it in circular motions.
5. Rinse off and follow with a moisturizer.